Joining The Guild

The benefits

Five ways membership can help you and your business:

    1. Make it easier for people to find you: Upload your own business profile on a top ranking  UK website for pregnancy and postnatal fitness. You will be able to login and personalise your own profile including information about what services you offer and where, pictures, as well as links to your website and social media.
    2. Demonstrate the high-standard of your tuition: Use the Guild logo on your website, social media, flyers, business cards as a seal of quality-  reassuring prospective clients and other health care professionals of your training.
    3. Keep learning from the best in our field: Attend high-quality Guild Study Webinars presented by leading industry specialists including: sports scientists; physiotherapists;  master instructors and other professionals. Our webinars are discounted to our members.  Stay connected to likeminded-professionals in our active member-only social-media groups.
    4. Keep up to date with our Guild newsletter: it’s designed  with our members in mind, helping  your business flourish and keeping you connected.
    5. Access valuable resources: Our ‘Member Resources’ area contains useful tools including policy guidelines helping you to work safely, through to the very latest in pregnancy and postnatal exercise research papers.

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Become a member now!

Individual memberships are just £45 yearly

When you apply you need:

  • Proof of appropriate insurance, including:
    • Extra insurance for the special groups you teach i.e. pregnant and postnatal women
    • Insurance to cover the type of exercise you do and the environment you teach in eg outdoor buggy workouts
    • If you are looking for suitable insurance for pregnancy and mothers exercising with babies with buggies we strongly advise you to seek additional cover from FitPro.
  • A certificate demonstrating that you have – in the last 12 months – completed a minimum of 1 study day in the field of pregnancy and postnatal exercise.
  • Proof of your full qualifications in pregnancy and postnatal exercise.

Members are also expected to complete at least 1 study day in the field of pregnancy and postnatal exercise each year.

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Our mission statement…

To support specialised pregnancy and postnatal exercise instructors so that they can offer the highest standard of instruction, meeting the needs of mothers during their child-bearing years.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Offer a seal of quality by acting as a body for the annual registration of FULLY qualified pregnancy and postnatal exercise teachers.
  2. Keep you up-to-date with all the latest research-based developments in our field.
  3. Help you implement within your teaching all the latest developments so that you are always ahead of the game.
  4. Connect specialists across the UK offering support and an exchange of ideas in our friendly closed Facebook group.
  5. Seek out affiliation with other exercise associations and maintain links with health professionals so as to promote both the Guild and YOUR business.

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Do you teach classes where babies are present? If so, read on…

Important changes have been made to the Children & Disabled Persons Act 1996 which affects all instructors who teach sessions with babies present. This Act was amended in 2004 and is now being enforced.

The Duty of Care clause within the Children Act 2004 states that everyone, including parents, has a duty of care for the safety and well-being of children. From a teaching perspective this means that, although the mother is present, the instructor is still responsible for the safety and well-being of the baby in the class.

If a baby incurs an injury whilst in your class that child has a right to sue you when they reach 18 years old. This applies to any type of exercise session being conducted.

The Guild has a full set of policy guidelines available to all members – this can be accessed through the Member Resources area. To access this document, join the guild here.